Types of lion dancing in Singapore

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There are 2 sorts of lion dances, namely the northern lion dance and also southern lion dance, both differing in the appearance of the lion and performance design.

The north institution, practiced in Beijing, is a lot more acrobatic, with the lion balancing on rounds and see-saws while being led by a fighter dressed as a warrior right into performing feats such as bounding as well as jumping. The north lion generally has gold or red unshaven hair.

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The southern design, which is more famously done in Singapore, originated in Guangdong, China. It involves a much less hirsute lion that is taunted by a big-headed clown as well as is typically executed outdoors. The ceiling, actually tweezing the green, which refers to the acrobatic act of retrieving a sprig of lettuce from as high as three storeys’s, is achieved by using a pole or creating a human pyramid.

The southerly lion has a large head pain tinged in brilliant colors. Its body, referred to as the lion blanket, is in the kind of a towel painted with red stripes, which drapes over the dancers and also permits them to move easily. In contrast, in the north dance, which could be executed by a single professional dancer or two professional dancers sharing the very same costume, the outfit is covered with thick red or gold hair and only reveals the professional dancers’ legs, which are clad in pants as well as boots of the very same layout.

Commonly, the southern Singapore Lion Dance is developed to personify the renowned historic personality, Liu Bee, or among his 5 tiger generals from the Three Kingdoms period. A lion head with 5 colors or orange color personifies Liu Bee; while a red lion head manifests Guan Yu; a black lion head manifests Zhang Fey; a green lion head manifests Zhao Yen; as well as a yellow lion head manifests Huang Hong. In Hessian, southerly China, there is one more sort of lion head- the fishing or headman Chinese opera singer with a face that looks like an opera artist.