Experience the superb features of Samsung galaxy s9

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It is a well-known fact that the Samsung galaxy s is often widely regarded as one of the best smart phones in the present generation. However, the launching of numerous new phones in the last two months has meant that the Samsung galaxy s has been slightly overshadowed. So, in an attempt to once again spruce up the high-end Smartphone section where Samsung runs in, Samsung has decided to launch the Samsung galaxy s9, the substitute for the existing galaxy s. A replacement for your phone that is considered the best should be exceptionally features rich. It was rumored that the Samsung galaxy s9 was set for release in the mace 2011, though the specifics of the phone were not revealed.

Galaxy S9

Now though, the details are released and you can now take the look at the monstrous features under the new Samsung phone. This phone will be using a 4.3 inch or 4.5 inch display. The final decision will rest on the testing results that Samsung was carrying with the displays. The hatch want had has the greatest display currently and when the SamsungĀ Galaxy S9 uses a 4.5 inch display, then it would overtake it. It is expected to use the exact same super amole display that is powering the current screen irrespective of the screen size. Samsung recently lost ground to the nosier n8 as the best camera phone, but it is aiming to once again recapture that by launching this new phone with an 8 megapixel camera. This camera will be arriving with a great deal of features which will be taken out of the broad assortment of digital cameras in the Samsung line-up. It will be having led flash to help in the night photography.

Other features which can be anticipated in this camera include the likes of autofocus, touch attention, smile and face detection. The ram is also anticipated to be significantly higher than the ram located in the Samsung galaxy s at almost 1 GB. There is also the complete had 1080 p recording capacity that will be in-built from the camera. The secondary camera in the phone is not exactly revolutionary and it is going to be the exact same 1.3 megapixel unit that is seen in the majority of high-end smart phones. The telephone will be having 32 GB memory card support, even though the present internal memory levels of this phone is not known. The phone is expected to be announced at the mace, which is set to occur in a couple of weeks at Barcelona.